Mundane Monday: Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood 1644


What we have here, ladies, gentlemen and indeterminates of the far future, is a piece of cedar wood, prized for its pleasant scent which discouraged clothes moths and other pests, until cutting trees was outlawed in the Tree Preservation Act of 2020, and then we had to build our houses from recycled water bottles and our clothes were eaten by moths, forcing us to wear paper made from grass clippings and recycled belly button lint, which was problematic when it rained, causing multitudes of people to be arrested for public indecency, whose protests fell upon deaf ears because the law is the law and if you don’t know enough to stay out of the rain with your paper clothes, you deserved to be locked away and no one cared, and then there was the Great Forest Fire of 2032, which wiped out a bunch of trees, which took away all our shade, which forced us to move underground, which was again problematic when it rained, yet politicians steadfastly refused to overturn laws that were no longer working out as planned for the stated reason that “the law exists for a reason!” even if no one could figure out what any reason was, but the law was the law and if you were left naked out on the street because your ditch house flooded and the wind blew away your paper suit, well, at least you got to stay in jail for 30 days for free and they provided you food and plastic clothing, and then promptly arrested you upon release because you didn’t have any clothing among your possessions when they returned them to you and you weren’t allowed to take the plastic clothing so you were left with no option but to walk outside naked, whereupon you were immediately arrested and sent back to jail for another 30 days, which created a vicious cycle, until some kindly elderly women decided to start knitting clothes out of old fishing line, which proved problematic since fishing line was transparent, which defeated the purpose of the clothing, but then they realized their mistake and began knitting clothes out of fibrous weeds, which weren’t very comfortable, but did keep you out of jail for another couple months, until the organic clothes decomposed, which happened more quickly if you were a hard worker, but few people had jobs, so the organic clothes tended to last for a while.

Anyway, so what you see pictured above is a piece of cedar wood.

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  1. Art Remnet says:

    Wow – that’s deep Dan. I think I rather like the cycle – at least I was inside and being fed…

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