Silly Domain Name Auction Spammers

Received two of these messages today…

“We are letting you know that [***domain-name-redacted***] will be listed for auction soon. This domain should be very useful for you, since you have a domain very similar to this one.”

In fact, I had that very same domain name that they were offering to me.

It wasn’t very useful for me, which is why I let it expire.

Silly spammers. If they knew how to use their database, they might exclude the previous owner of the domain. If the previous owner let it expire, it is probably because either the previous owner didn’t want it anymore, thus making a pitch that it would be “very useful” to them moot, or the previous owner didn’t realize it had expired, in which case you could send them an eMail alerting them that their domain had expired, was going up for auction and, if they wanted a chance at getting it back, they better hurry!

But, that would probably require effort and some degree of intelligence and spammers don’t have no time for that, do they?

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