Goodbye, World!

This is my last post on this blog, written and posted on the Ides of July.

This is more a formality at this point. I’m reasonably certain no one has actually read this blog in quite some time. I haven’t posted very often either, so it’s a vicious cycle.

This blog has been killed and resurrected once or twice now, but ten years is a good endpoint, I think. I did accomplish a few things on this blog, such as a full year of consecutive daily blogging, 500 days of the same, 1000 days of the same and tapping out at about 1,566 days of consecutive daily blogging.

I also published my first novel and published some shorts and had some input from readers right here on this blog (portions of which were once its own blog before being merged into this one).

We had viral blogs and a month of dancing monkeys.

Thanks to all those bloggers, most of whom appear to have long abandoned their own blogs though some are still hanging in there, who have interacted with me on mine and their blogs over the years. Thanks to all the readers, both those who commented and those who kept their silence.

Mind you, while this blog is coming to an end, there will be something else to replace it. Something hopefully fun, something that may bring some amount of joy into people’s lives, something not divisive and ranting, something nostalgic, something else. Something maybe soon.

Until then . . .

It’s been real!

And as always,
Believe. Act. Achieve!

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