And We’re Back . . .

This blog is kind of like a zombie . . . always coming back from the dead.

First, let’s take a look at where we’ve been. The most recent iteration of this blog has been basically a big ol’ link to my author website, followed up by a note that it might be “about time once again.” Here’s how it looked:

I liked that green screen “theme.”

For the record, this updated blog is that time. Again. Back from the dead. Again.

New look, new tagline.

The old tagline originated in this old “Not So Secret” post way back in August of 2007. You can read more of the story in this old “What You Think This Blog is All About” post from January of 2008.

But time’s are a’changing and 10-11 years is a long time for a tagline. So, I’ve changed the title from “Believe. Act. Achieve! – dcr Blogs dot Com” to “Dan’s Lame Blog – dcr Blogs dot Com.” The site description was previously “Motivating readers to believe, act, and achieve by looking at life with wit, wisdom, and engaging creativity” and now it’s just “It’s actually some kind of awesome.”

It was previously Dan’s Lame Blog back in 2012 for a while a few months after I started Dan’s Lame List (and before I released Dan’s Lame Novel).

Switched back in July of 2012 to using “Believe. Act. Achieve!” again.

But, anyway, it’s time for a change. Not that I’m discouraging anyone from believing, acting and achieving. It’s just time for the blog’s second (or third or fourth or whatever) life. You should continue to Believe. Act. Achieve!

And I certainly hope to continue to motivate “readers to believe, act, and achieve by looking at life with wit, wisdom, and engaging creativity.” Mind you, I didn’t say that about myself. That was written by writer and editor Lillie Ammann way back in January 2008. (See above referenced post, “What You Think This Blog is All About.”)

It’s simply time for a change.

Time to make blogging fun again.

So, stay tuned to Dan’s Lame Blog and, hopefully, you will discover that it’s actually some kind of awesome.

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