All right then… So that the busybodies at the FTC can pat themselves on the back and feel good about themselves, here are some important disclaimers.

I use affiliate links when available. The inclusion of an affiliate link does not necessarily imply endorsement. Sometimes, in fact, you may notice that I include a link to something that seems silly, stupid or bizarre, or any combination thereof. And, yes, I’ll have that as an affiliate link when possible because, if you decide that something silly, stupid or bizarre, or any combination thereof, is your cup of tea, that’s fine and dandy and I think I should get something out of it because I pointed it out to you, even though I may have thought it bizarre, stupid or silly, or any combination thereof.

Opinions are my own. If I decide to rent them out, I’ll let you know.

I also promote my own stuff. Yeah, if you buy that stuff, I make money off of it.

I also review stuff. Sometimes. Paid reviews are indicated. If someone sends me free stuff to review, I’ll point that out. Thus far, no one’s sent me free stuff to review on this blog. Still, I’m game. At any rate, other stuff I review (have I reviewed anything outside of the aforementioned paid reviews? Heck if I can remember, but I have to provide a disclosure so I’ll mention this anyway) is stuff that I bought or purchased or obtained in some way other than the vendor giving it to me.

When in doubt, just assume I’m making money off it somehow, even if I’m not. Which I’m probably not, because lately this blog has become one giant sinkhole, but maybe things will turn around. Who knows? At any rate, just assume I make money somehow off of any link I post.

And hopefully that’s sufficient to keep the FTC off my back because I cannot afford the $11,000 fine and would probably have to sell my kidneys, get a part-time job at McDonald’s and pray hourly for the sweet release of death. So, let’s try to avoid that, eh?

Last updated November 30th, 2009. Minor yet still embarrassing typo corrected on August 2, 2018. (“Fine” was typed as “Find”. Shameful.)